Cher Lloyd – Sticks + Stones

Cher’s debut single the universally hated, chart topping, ‘Oh My Darling Clementine’ thieving Swagger Jagger, is pretty much the template for the hater obsessed teen’s first album. Full of ups and downs lyrically, sonically and in quality.

Which is a shame because when she calms down with the defensive, chip on her shoulder annoyances that plague this record she really is onto something that sounds quite special.

Her rapping through out is completely atrocious, canceling out the excellent chorus on opener Grow Up and her forays into dupstep on Dub On The Track and Over The Moon are ill advised and not only jar on first listen but also the 36th.

But when she gets the bouncy brat-pop formula right on What U Want, With Ur Love and Superhero she displays her potential as a great popstar which is further proven on Beautiful People, sounding honest and sincere: “It’s beautiful people like you who get whatever they want and it’s beautiful people like you who suck the life right out of my heart”.

That’s the issue with Sticks + Stones and her career so far. She’s young and doesn’t know who she is, built up to be a Nicki Minaj-esque, Cheryl clone with bags of attitude and ‘swagger’ and then chastised by the media and public for being just that, when she’s an honest and straight forward popstar she shines. The sooner she realises this, the better.

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