Sugababes – Freedom.

Ignore the fact that Sugababes aren’t really Sugababes anymore. Ignore the last awful album and the one before that (and the one before that) and pretend that this is just an amazing step forward from their last great album, 2005’s Taller In More Ways, and it’s almost as if the band’s redeemed itself for 6 years of dicking around.

Freedom is epic. Massive, futuristic pop with a great chorus, insane breakdown and stellar vocals (especially from Jade) it is a definite return to form.

Though lacking the individuality of their earlier stuff, for obvious reasons they don’t really know who they are or where they fit in 2011’s pop landscape anymore, you can’t help but wonder that if they’d released pop as consistently good as this throughout all of the tabloid dramas of recent years they wouldn’t be such an industry laughing stock now.

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