Nicola Roberts – Lucky Day.

I like to hear something like this from Matheus Soro on Vimeo.

(Edit, video got removed)

The next Nicola Roberts single is brilliant in a completely different way to the last Nicola Roberts single.

For all of Beat Of My Drum’s bonkers and amazing moments it didn’t really help the public at large ‘get’ or understand what she’s about as a solo artist, whereas Lucky Day positions her in between Lily Allen and Marina & The Diamonds in the left-of-centre gal pop category. Less annoying than Marina and less retired than Lily, obvs.

Highlights are: The verses, the chorus and the middle eight, especially the shouty bits and where she goes: “OH!” at 1:46. That makes me happy.

Ignore the unfinished edit of the video, though it is better than Gaga’s Edge Of Glory, also ignore the Eliza Doolittle hi-tops. They’re horrible. Edit a nice pair of Vans in please. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Well done Nics.

One Comment on “Nicola Roberts – Lucky Day.”

  1. PN says:

    Dear Nicola,


    That’s all.

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