Beyonce – 4

I’ve had this album for a few weeks now, after it leaked, but it’s actually released this week.

1+1 – Massive Prince-esque epic. If accompanied by a hugely overwrought video it could be one of the best things she’s ever done. 9/10

I Care – One of the better ballads on here saved by thundering production and guitar solo. 7/10

I Miss You – Has brilliant sparse and eerie production highlighting some genuinely tender and vulnerable vocals. Beautiful. 9/10

Best Thing I Never Had – An Irreplaceable sounding mid-tempo affair with some dodgy lyrical content but is saved by a GINORMOUS chorus. 7/10

Party – A retro sounding 80’s groove throwback. It’s pleasant enough but a bit forgettable. 6/10

Rather Die Young – Tonight Matthew I’m going be Toni Braxton. Boring. Next. 4/10

Start Over – Sounds too much like I Care only not as good, I can normally forgive Bey’s cheesy sentiment but it’s getting a bit much now. *reaches for copy of I Am…* 5/10

Love On Top – KEY CHANGE AHOY! Amazing 70’s soul, all very Dream Girls. 8/10

Countdown – This is more like it. Great rolling trumpets and steel drums, it’s a more than welcome change in tempo. Should have been the first single. 9/10

End Of Time – After a mid-album lull of gloopy balladry this is what I was looking for. Really ace chorus and drums. Huzzah. 8/10

I Was Here – The worst thing here by miles. It’s not epic sounding enough to ignore the terrible vommy lyrics. All very 90’s, and I don’t think it’s meant to be? 3/10

Run The World – Relies slightly too heavy on the sample but I love it. 8/10

Schoolin’ Life – Beyonce doing Whitney during her heyday. Fucking brilliant! Why is this a bonus track? Really outstanding. 9.5/10

Lay Up Under Me – A lot like Love On Top and Party. It’s ok. 6/10

Dance For You – Old skool slow jam. Bit boring. 4/10

So overall that’s a 7/10.

Release Countdown, End Of Time and I Miss You as singles. Cheers.

One Comment on “Beyonce – 4”

  1. Aimee Davis says:

    I’m still a bit undecided just downloaded today and have had to skip two songs already, ‘Rather Die Young’ being one of them.
    Also ‘I Miss You’ sounds very similar to ‘Disappear’ from her previous album but ‘I Care’ is amazing. Maybe this album is one that needs to grow on me but at the moment..not too impressed. x

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