Team Ginge

I love Nicola Roberts. Easily the coolest member of the greatest British girlband of the last decade, she’s made the biggest (sound the X Factor cliché alarm) ‘journey’ of all the girls, transitioning from awkward teen to fashionista.

In the last few years ditching the tan and embracing a quirkier sense of style I always hoped for a solo record from my favourite Girls Aloud.

So when her Twitter and new website were unveiled a month ago her solo career juddered to life and it sounds like nothing we could have anticipated.

The Diplo produced debut Beat Of My Drum sounds like Robyn, MIA, Major Lazer, Gwen Stefani and Kelis all at the same time.

As the stuttering bassline builds into slightly awkward and nervous rapped verses about having: “two left feet” being told to: “keep up” that jar on first listen but make sense when the cheerleader style chant of the chorus kicks in oozing charm and confidence.

That teamed with an insane breakdown of vocal loops, synths and drum machines after the second chorus it’s undoubtedly the most brilliantly bonkers pop moment of 2011 so far.

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