Nicole Scherzinger – Killer Love

Nicole Scherzinger’s solo career looked dead in the water a few short years ago as her debut record, the woefully named Her Name Is Nicole, got cancelled after the driptastic single Baby Love understandably failed to set the world on fire.

But after a popular stint filling in for Cheryl on The X Factor during her malaria holiday and making friends with the second coming, producer RedOne, things started looking up for the ex-Pussycat Doll.

Stonking lead single Poison is a belling, whistling, rave sirening, guitar riffing RedOne classic! Teamed with an impressive X Factor performance it gave her the hit she deserved. Followed by the slightly more restrained but undeniably catchy Don’t Hold Your Breath, Killer Love, her first full length solo release has great promise of being a great little pop record.

Alas not.

There are some listenable tunes here in the form of the title track, Wet and Say Yes but the rest either lacks any form of memorable hook, Club Banger Nation is one hell of a racket, or is painfully dull, I’d name the boring one’s but they all blur into sticky cauldron of inane drivel.

The lack of personality here, doing her best Gaga and Rihanna impressions, suggests that the singles brilliance were a bit of a fluke. Whether a mid tempo not-ballad or all out danceathon everything here is fine, but doesn’t satisfy your expectations which is a shame.

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