Beth Ditto goes disco. Amazing.

As front lady of The Gossip they released 2 killer singles (Standing In The Way Of Control and Heavy Cross) and a couple of ropey albums. However her raspy wail always sounded better when they were being remixed, especially by Fred Falke, genius, and Soulwax, a bit of a racket but rather listenable.

Ditto teamed up with button pressers Simian Mobile Disco on their last album on the euphoric disco of Cruel Intentions this was the album highlight by about 64 million miles.

Oh, do feel free to call me up to hang out. I mean I’m down for whatever.

The new EP is called de construction (no hyphen and not all one word, odd.) working with Simian again recreating that Cruel Intentions magic. Continuing the flirty confidence on I Wrote The Book, with the line: “The world is full of good intentions” it’s basically the same song, no bad thing.

The funk of Open Heart Surgery is a highlight with a great chorus and production reminiscent of 80’s Whitney it is a massive life win.

The other tracks fade into filler territory with weak hooks and, well to be honest, they go on a bit. Which would be fine if they were catchy enough but alas no. This is a promising start for Miss Ditto suggesting that she may have met her match in Simian, who tame her voice, which bodes well for a poptastic debut album.

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