Hello? Is it the top 40 you’re looking for?

Dragonette are really, very ace! They have been around for ages and it’s taken a while for the world to realise this. Their collabo with Martin Solveig, he is French, has cracked the top 40 and I have heard it while having a few cheeky lemonades at various discothèques in the past few weeks. Here is the video.

If you are still unfamiliar with them then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? PAY ATTENTION! Both of their albums are absolute gems. Here are some prime examples of what they do best

“Here I come when I better go, I say yes when I ought to say no.” Amazing.

“If they ever found us they’d have us surrounded so pick up, you’ve got to pick it up.” Amazing.

“Goodness I like this, being your mistress.” Amazing.

Two times amazing is a coincidence, three is a pattern. More soon please Dragonette.

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