Albums of 2010: The Final Countdown

4.) Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid

A concept album in which Monae plays a fictional android messiah in the magical world of Metropolis, now there’s an idea. It’s genius. An ambitious project that incorporates pop, rnb, hip-hop, jazz, funk.. pretty much any genre yoou could pluck out of the air.

Tightrope is a bouncy funk joy that’s easily a contender for single of the year and the rest of Monae’s experiments on the record result in brilliantly catchy results with her sci/fi fantasy. Her voice alone is enough to stop it becoming an unfocused mess and instead what mainstream rnb should sound like.

Album Highlight: Many Moons

3.) Beach House – Teen Dream

In a year that saw stoner dream-pop bands popping up all over the shop (Best Coast, Wavves, Girls, Summer Camp etc.) I was like a kid in a candy store and this one by the ever so charming Beach House was the lovliest. By miles. Wide eyed, love struck and painfully romantic singer Victoria Legrand coos and whispers on Norway, pulling at the emotive heartstrings on Real Love and Walk In The Park. It’s cute and heartfelt but never twee or saccharin.

Album Highlight: Lover of Mine

2.) Laura Marling – I Speak Because I Can

The tricky second album wasn’t so tricky for Miss Marling. Coming back with more effortlessly charismatic and timeless songs with richer production values. The tentative caution of the first album which made her so instantly endearing was still there but a new found confidence, especially evident on Hope In the Air and Devil’s Spoke, was a pleasant suprise and instantly elevated her to one of the most prized talents in the UK.

Album Highlight: What He Wrote

No. 1, still to come…

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