1.) Robyn – Body Talk

2010 was Robyn’s year. After her breakthrough self-titled album released 5 years ago Robyn decided to buck the trend of the single, album, tour routine taken by most artists, revealing that she would release 3 mini-albums this year.

The Body Talk trilogy was spearheaded by, four to the floor, tears in the toilets, drunken blubathon Dancing On My Own which, in short, is the best single of the year. Not a bad way to launch such an ambitious campaign. Pulsating drums build in speed and depth as Robyn sets the scene of seeing her ex with a new gal before the wall of synths drop out for a lip quivering refrain in the middle eight of: “you don’t see me standing here I just came to say goodbye.” This is nothing short of magical.

Although it’s on the heartbreak disco anthems where she excels, the reckless abandon of Indestructible will make you feel like you can take over the world, she explores dancehall on the grinding, ABBA referencing Dancehall Queen in which she really gets her Keri Hilson swag on also evident on U Should Know Better with Snoop Dogg. Trading boasts our Robs definitely comes out on top with fiercely biting lines like: “’We need a black pope and she better be a woman’ there’ll be no more celibacy even the Vatican knows not to fuck with me”.

Whether it’s on the minimal electro of None Of Dem, a collaboration with fellow scandi-pop alumni Royksopp, or the Max Martin produced pop hurricane Time Machine she sounds completely in control. For it’s not just in the writing and production where she shines, it’s in the attention to detail. Stars 4Ever would sound like a cheesy Kylie b-side sung by anyone else, her cute pronunciation of the “that’s what we are” hook in the chorus oozes charm. This is where she trumps almost every other pop artist selling records today, charisma. She is in fact a: “scientifically advanced hot mama” as stated on the frenetic pop –hop of Fembot, using her humour, emotional depth and personality which keeps her a cut above your Gaga’s, Rihanna’s and (gulp) Pixie Lott’s of this world.

Album Highlights: Dancing On My Own, Fembot, None Of Dem, Time Machine, Indestructible.. I could go on, just buy it.

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