Albums of 2010 continued..

8.) Kelis – Flesh Tone

Kelis hasn’t really recovered since the epic Milkshake was an international hit back in 2003. With four years since her last, rather underperforming effort, she set her eyes firmly onto the dancefloor for her fifth record. It’s the best dance album of the year and that’s just a fact!

Working with producers David Guetta, Will.I.Am, Boize Noize, Benni Benassi and Burns she’s created a cohesively economic record that’s like one euphoric d.j set. Whether it’s the Donna Summer syhths on single Acapella, the cheerleading chant on Scream or the grinding italo-disco keys of the Intro it is an utter joy through out and is the second best gal-pop record of the year, the first features later on my list.

Album Highlight: Intro

7.) Fenech-Soler – Fenech-Soler

This record is quite new to me but I found it so instantly amazing it’s on the list. I don’t know much about them other than they’ve made a massive racket remixing Sunday Girl’s cover of Self Control and that their self titles debut is full of brilliantly catchy songs that the likes of Delphic and Klaxons would give their right arm for.

My lack of knowledge about this band is highly unprofessional so I hope they get some deserved success next year and with tunes this strong I can’t see any major mobile phone network provider not wanting to feature them on their advert, catapulting them to super stardom.

Album Highlight: Golden Sun

6.) Darwin Deez – Darwin Deez

This album is the year’s indie-pop peak. It’s jangly guitars and hand claps soundtracked my summer as Mr. Deez himself did his best, tonight Matthew I’m going to be Julian Casablancas, Strokes impression with a charming confidence.

The lazy haze of Constellations and the playful spite of Bad Day show that any genre, even one as tired and reproduced as the indie-pop scene, can sound fresh, exciting and most of all fun if the material is strong enough.

Album Highlight: Radar Detector

5.) Yeasayer – Odd Blood

This is what MGMT’s abomination of a second album should have sounded like. Inventive, exciting, eccentric, it’s everything that forward thinking art-pop should be without getting too wrapped up in it’s own self importance and forgetting that a nice sing-a-long chorus is always welcome too!

The 80’s synth-funk of O.N.E is irrepresibley uplifting as is the other single Ambling Alp, which may be one of the only songs where I’ll allow woefully incorrect grammar because of it’s genius. Elsewhere Madder Red, Love Me Girl and the rest are all gems that left me thinking, where the hell did that come from? A rather excellent suprise.

Album Highlight: O.N.E

The rest coming soon…

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