Three albums that you should have bought, but didn’t..

Air Traffic – Your Fractured Life

Now as the UK embraced indie throughout the noughties the charts were saturated with faceless indie pop bands. The Kooks, The Twang, Scouting for Girls. Three bands that represent the worst of boring generic indie pop, Air Traffic however and so far their only album is an explosive fizzy gem of a record. You can’t argue with the chorus’ of ‘Just Abuse Me’, ‘Never Even Told Me Her Name’ and the lost international number one ‘Shooting Star’ and with no filler the material here proves they are far from generic and boring.

Rachel Stevens – Come and Get It

Ahhh Miss Stevens. The pin-up of choice during the mid-noughties known for her, err, other assets as opposed to musical talent, or so you would think? ‘Come and Get it’ is a lost pop treasure. Crafted by a committee of pop producers including Xenomania (Girls Aloud, Pet Shop Boys) and Richard X (Sugababes, Saint Etienne) it’s safe to say that Stevens turned up in the studio and did what she was told bringing her adequate if unremarkable voice to a perfectly polished set of songs. ‘Some Girls’, ‘Crazy Boys’ and ‘I Said Never Again’ are timeless pop loveliness and released by a more respected or more interesting artist such as a Britney or Goldfrapp would have been huge.

Laura Marling – Alas I Cannot Swim

I know you’ve all heard this album and are aware of the talents of Miss Marling who is deservedly breaking into the mainstream with her sophomore record ‘I Speak Because I Can’. All the club kids and indie cindies love ‘The Marling’ however before now recognition, through units sold that it, didn’t come. ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’ is a beautiful collection of folk tunes with gentle production and lyrics that are beyond her age it truly is a joy from start to finish. The quality of ‘My Manic and I’, ‘Failure’ and ‘Tap at my Window’ prove that she is now getting the success she deserves.

One Comment on “Three albums that you should have bought, but didn’t..”

  1. Becca says:

    I agree with all but Rachel Stevens!! x

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