iamamiwhoami?..the most tedious viral campaign of all time?

Right, well for anyone who doesn’t know these virals have been popping up on youtube for the last few months promoting somone or something..it’s all very unclear.

Well as ever the celeb rumour mill has been on overdrive with various artists neither confirming nor denying that these videos are theirs. Names such as Christina Aguilera, The Knife, Lykke Li and Goldfrapp have all been bouncing around for a while. The latest video is the most musical, previous ones of spooky woods and unborn babies maybe suggested it was some government initiative about teenage pregnancies.

As boring as this campaign has been it is quite an interesting way to break a new artist, or revitalise someones flagging career (sorry Christina). At the moment all the signs point to this lady, Jonna Lee, a little known Swedish pop star. The resemblance is uncanny don’t you think?

One Comment on “iamamiwhoami?..the most tedious viral campaign of all time?”

  1. gregnewcombe says:

    I think this is pretty cool, it’s a breath of fresh air for the music industry with someone actually putting some effort into production and hype rather than “here is a pretty girl group” or “look at this handsome bachelor singing love songs, you fancy him don’t you? Yeh well buy his fuckin record then!”. There is talk of it being little boots because of the wonky bottom teeth but I think it’s a new artist considering the themes of birth etc or maybe re-birth? If it is Christina I will be impressed. Good blog though mate, very interesting.

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