Ellie Goulding, her album’s alright..

Miss Ellie Goulding has topped almost every list of ones to watch for this year and bagged herself a Brit award even before the release of her debut. So there is, of course, no pressure for the release of her debut album ‘Lights’.

The majority of ‘Lights’ is produced by relatively unknown, apart from the odd remix here and there, Starsmith who adds a glossy sheen to Goulding’s folky voice making what can best be described as a folktronica record. Opening with a quartet of excellent pop tracks which could all easily be massive hit singles for her. ‘Guns and Horses’ builds slowly layering drums and synths into a trancy middle eight and clap along refrain of “I’d do it all for you” which can only be described as pop gold. Lead single ‘Starry Eyed’ manages to sound folky, dancey and other worldly without going down the Owl City route of being so twee it rots your teeth. ‘This Love’ boasts the strongest chorus on the album closely followed by ‘Under the Sheets’ which is so Xenomania-esque you could actually be listening to the new Girls Aloud record, which is definitely no bad thing at all!

Now this is the point where the quality control begins to slip. ‘The Writer’ can be described in one word – Dido. This can only ever be interpreted as a bad thing when making an album. It’s better to make a bad album than a boring one. We’re now entering filler territory which is disappointing. ‘Your Biggest Mistake’ and ‘Salt Skin’ are pleasant enough but this is definitely B-side material as now the production drowns out Goulding’s raspy tones making the second half of this record an unsatisfying listen.

The exception being ‘Wish I’d Stayed’ the albums highpoint. Poignant lyrics about moving away from home coupled with stuttering vocals: “I don’t own my clothes but I own my mind, it’s not what you’ve lost but it’s what you find” make for a hauntingly beautiful listen.

You can’t help but feel that this record has been rushed released to capitalise on the hype surrounding her which is a shame as the best stuff on here proves she has the potential to be a great little popstar. So all we can hope for is a more consistent second album.

3 Comments on “Ellie Goulding, her album’s alright..”

  1. Aimee Davis says:

    I really like the album and there was an interview with her in The Metro the other day saying the meanings behind her lyrics and the problems she had growing up. Was an interesting read.
    I think although some of the songs are maybe on a similar level and sound it is a mature debut album and she deserves all the awards she gets.

  2. lauren says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of between the sheets when i heard it last year. Ellie was so hyped up in the industry as the ‘next big thing’ that i automatically expected her to not live up to the huge standard she had been set. However starry eyed has been in my head constantly for the week. I think the more you listen to her tracks the more they grow on you. They dont immediately strike you as amazing, but they are decent. I think shes going to be huge on the festival scene this year and I for one will be watching with interest when she hits the stage at Bestival in September.

  3. han1989 says:

    I have to say I really like her album and have found my self singing along to it in the car on these hot sunny days we have been having. Although I think there is the odd track that is a bit dull on the whole I like her sound and her album.

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